Saturday, May 21, 2011

New carport

Well, our new carport is finally finished, with all floors, drivewar and path to the clothes line completed. Now, we (read 'I') are starting on the yard. Where the tree was uprooted on Dobson's fenceline, has all be left beautifully so I have replaced the fence (of a sort0 and discovered it's a perfect place for a vegie garden. Think I will do them in all raised pots - have just seeded cherry tomatoes, passionfruit, capsicum, basil, Black Russian tomatoes and lettuce for a start. Am quite excited because I really thought I'd missed out on a vegie garden this year.

Note Hana's rear

Australia Japan Society

On Friday night, Geoff, Kelly and I and two of Kelly's friends from Sydney attended the Australian Prints in the Japanese Manner exhibition at Perc Tucker Gallery. We got to wear out yukata (casual kimono) and Miki tied the obi (sashes) for us. we had a great time and ate sushi, sashimi, etc the had dinner at the Capitol Restaurant.

Million Paws Walk on the Strand

this is my first post for ages -
Last Sunday, we went over and joined Drew, Kate, Jack and Will, with Lady and Chiquita for the million paws walk on the strand. Everything was going great until I stepped into a hole and went up to my calf - luckily I was only shaken (got me out of the walk, anyway). Had a lovely time with the family - what a great venue the strand is, lovely to see everyone using it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Will and Jack sparkling. Couldn't get one of Jack when he didn't have the sparkler in front of his eyes! Nice coats, guys. xxx

Sparks Flying...

Kevin and Will making sparks around the fire at Nana's birthday party.
Kevin was official guardian of the fire for little boys just like Will.

Kate enjoying her sparkler!